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Our Programs

We're putting the power of food into the hands of Canadian children.

Food Access

President’s Choice Children’s Charity empowers Canadian children by providing access to nutritious food every day.

Food Knowledge

President’s Choice Children’s Charity empowers Canadian children to take charge of their eating habits by growing their food knowledge.

Our Programs
At School

At School

School Nutrition Grant

Through the School Nutrition Grant, President’s Choice Children’s Charity provides direct-to-school funding to help ensure that every student has a well-balanced meal every day. As Canada’s top charitable funder of school meal programs, the Charity is reaching 644,000 students, and helping to provide 67 million meals daily.

WE Eat Well: Healthy Food for Healthy Bodies

Together with WE Charity, President’s Choice Children’s Charity co-developed the “Healthy Food For Healthy Bodies” nutrition curriculum and the WE Eat Well activation campaign for the WE Schools program to teaching children the importance of healthy choices, available to 7,000 schools and organizations across the country.

Nutrition Education Grant

New in 2020, schools can apply for grants to cover the cost of food field trips like farm tours and cooking classes through the Nutrition Education Grant.

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