Not all heroes wear capes, they sometimes carry a gardening hoe

April 23, 2021

To celebrate a long life of giving and gratitude, we are honoring the memory of one of our amazing donors. Bruno Nielsen is leaving a lasting impact on his community, highlighted by his passion for growing, cooking and enjoying food. His generosity is helping President’s Choice Children’s Charity share Mr. Nielsen’s passion with the next generation, providing daily food access to those in need, and growing and cooking skills so kids can thrive. 

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Mr. Nielsen immigrated to Canada as a young man, and established a quiet life in the city of Toronto. It was there where he would create a vast backyard garden full of fruits and vegetables he would nurture each year – a passion that grew from working on his family farm in Denmark. 

His niece Britt, fondly remembers some of her first visits to his garden, “As a little girl the garden seemed so large, like a little farm in the city - filled with carrots, potatoes, grapes, everything! It was so much fun helping him in the garden and learning about all the different vegetables he grew.” Mr. Nielsen was also very hands-on in the kitchen, making fresh cucumber salads and leek soup, using all fresh produce and herbs from his garden.

His abundant garden allowed him to share his stock of fresh produce with his neighbors, and teach Britt and her sister about the benefits and joys of growing and cooking one’s own food. This giving spirit expanded from his own neighborhood, out into his community – leading him to help others in need, especially those without the opportunities he had. “Bruno could relate to the struggles of not having enough when he was growing up, so it was important for him to support those who needed to be lifted up.” Britt says, “He felt like he had so much and wanted to share that with others.”


“Bruno could relate to the struggles of not having enough when he was growing up, so it was important for him to support those who needed to be lifted up.”

Mr. Nielsen firmly shared in our belief that hunger should never stand in the way of a child’s dreams for their future, and his generosity is helping President’s Choice Children’s Charity ensure Canadian children are well-fed and ready to learn, and empowered with the skills grow and cook.  

In Mr. Nielsen’s memory, Britt left us with the most important aspect of his life that she would like us to remember: “Bruno had a gruff exterior but had a huge heart and generous spirit. I’m happy he was able have such a big impact and people will remember him for the compassion he had for his community.”