Power Full KidsTM

Empowering Canadian children to live their best life.

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Good Food + Food Skills = Power Full KidsTM

Hunger should never stand in the way of our children’s dreams for their future. That’s why, wherever kids are learning, President’s Choice Children’s Charity will be there with good food – in every community across Canada. And because every child should experience the power of harvesting food they’ve grown, and cooking together with the people they love, we’re empowering kids with the skills they need to discover food.

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Power Full KidsTM programs include:

  • Good food for every participant

  • Food skills activities and resources that teach kids to grow and cook, and help educators with program delivery

  • Demonstrated impact based on ongoing research and feedback

The power of food at school

School provides children with structure and social connections – particularly for our most vulnerable, who may be experiencing food insecurity or unstable situations at home. That’s why President’s Choice Children’s Charity has dedicated resources to help educators and administrators provide their students with good food and empower them with skills to grow and cook.

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The power of Indigenous food sovereignty

Food systems have power, linking the production of food with the culture and traditions of the people who consume it. President’s Choice Children’s Charity is putting this power in the hands of high school students in communities where Indigenous food sovereignty has been eroded by isolation, climate change or colonial industrialization.

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